Voice of customer

We work for the success of our customers

Customers are our main focus. We regard ourselves as ambassadors of Borusan, we work with the awareness of generating value for our customers and business in every decision we make and action we take. We provide customer loyalty with long lasting close relationships that generate value. Our customer relations are based on flexibility, stability, speed, and a solution based partnership.

We generate value for our customers with our high quality products and services

In every line of our business, we provide the highest quality products and services for our customers; we constantly try to be one step ahead in the competition. We grasp the critical customer demands and expectations; accordingly we design our products, services, and way of business, when necessary.

We listen to the voice of the customer

We anticipate changing customer demands, and try to formulate solutions in the shortest time with a proactive approach. Our priorities are identified with the priorities of our customers.


“I want parts to be available in Astana”

In the end of 2013 new parts warehouse was opened in Astana. Continually list of available spare parts is revised and replenished according to changes in demand. Due to availability of an optimal stock we can efficiently respond and fix failures reducing downtime of equipment.

“Bank payment takes very long time”

POS-terminal was installed in Almaty office. New technology makes it possible to pay with bank plastic card in about a minute. Payment procedure is very simple and effective. Moreover, it protects our customers from risks related with usage of large amount of cash. 

Evaluate us

These questionnaires were created to evaluate level of service in several areas: parts purchase, service and equipment purchase.

Please rate each question from 1 to 10, where 10 is “Very Satisfied” or "Very Likely" and 1 is “Very Dissatisfied" or "Very Unlikely."

Your feedback is important and will help us to provide better service in the future.

Thank You!

1. Please rate how satisfied were you with the proposed method of payment for parts in Borusan Makina Kazakhstan?
2. How satisfied were you with the availability of parts at Borusan Makina Kazakhstan for the last time (if all parts were available)?
3. How satisfied were you with the processing speed of the last orders for spare parts?
4. How are you in general satisfied with the communication with sale persons?
5. Please rate how the delivery of spare parts at Borusan Makina Kazakhstan corresponded to the promised condition?
6. Evaluate how unmistakably has your last order been processed?
7. Based on your past experiences in buying parts from Borusan Makina Kazakhstan how accurately and in a timely manner were accounting documents prepared?
8. In general, evaluate the level of service when buying parts at Borusan Makina Kazakhstan?
1. Based on your recent purchase experience at Borusan Makina Kazakhstan to what extent you find procedures for signing the contract and ordering equipment simple and convenient?
2. Evaluate how professional were the answers of the sales representative of Borusan Makina Kazakhstan and provided information relevant to your search?
3. Please rate how quickly sales representatives of Borusan Makina Kazakhstan responded to your requests.
4. Please rate the degree of preparedness of sales representative of Borusan Makina Kazakhstan during personal meetings with you? (brochures, catalogs, technical literature, calculations, etc.)
5. Please estimate whether the time of delivery corresponded to the promised by Borusan Makina Kazakhstan?
6. Evaluate how the quality of delivery and assembly of equipment purchased from Borusan Makina Kazakhstan complied to the promised?
7. Based on your recent experiences buying from Borusan Makina Kazakhstan how accurately and timely accounting documents were prepared?
8. Please rate how you were generally satisfied with Borusan Makina Kazakhstan when buying your equipment?
9. Do you have any suggestions how Borusan Makina Kazakhstan could improve the quality of service?