The 21st Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition and Forum finished in Almaty. At the exhibition Borusan Makina Kazakhstan presented new innovations from CATERPILLAR for the mining industry.


May 28, 2015  - the grand opening ceremony of  Borusan Makina Kazakhstan head office took place in Almaty.
About 200 guests visited the event – they are company’s customers and partners, the top management of Borusan Holding, headed by Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Ali Ahmet Kocabiyik, Caterpillar company representatives, including Mr. Nigel Lewis - Vice-president of the company.

The official part of the ceremony where our honored guests wished all the  best  to  Borusan  Makina Kazakhstan, ended with show program, prepared by the team of professional stuntmen and Borusan employees. Our talented employees  Andrey Issayev and  Gulandun Sopahunov, performed a waltz on excavators and became the real stars of the event. Our special thanks to CAT colleague, who came to the event from England, Tony Kinsley, he performed a breathtaking solo performance on skid steer-loader. We would like to thank all active and dedicated to the company employees, and wish good luck to them at  the new office!  


Reward from the American Chamber of Commerce

Borusan Makina Kazakhstan for the fourth time won the title «Best in innovation» with the CAT Certified rebuild program in CIS. Rebuilding of individual components and entire machines is possible with the opening of CRC. Center enables customers to receive fully rebuild equipment that is equivalent to a new one. It allows them to save significant amounts of money.
Focusing on technological processes and their continuous improvement, BMK has proved that the company's development in the selected direction does not stop from year to year, which is confirmed by awards in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015.

Dear Partners!
We would like to notify you that the head office of 'Borusan Makina Kazakhstan' in Almaty moved and is located at:
Almaty, 'Kolhozshy' microdistrict, plot number 12 and 12/1
Please find driving direction scheme in the "Contact us" part.
Looking forward to seeing you in our new office!

Caterpillar Places 31st in Business Superbrands 2015

Caterpillar has been awarded Business Superbrands status for 2015, following the most recent evaluation of the long-running annual survey, which has been identifying the UK’s leading business-to-business brands since 2001. The process was managed by The Centre for Brand Analysis (TCBA) and questioned 2,000 individual business professionals from across the UK as well as the independent and voluntary Business Superbrands Council. The three audiences judged more than 1,200 brands, which they assessed on three key criteria: quality, reliability and distinction.

Stephen Cheliotis, Chairman of the Business Superbrands Council said, "Caterpillar is a long-trusted brand that has consistently proven itself to customers worldwide as a reliable provider of high quality product that won't let them down. The faith people have in the brand has been hard-earned through not only delivering consistently on its promises but also through customer-centric innovation; this heritage of invention has seen the brand create many first while its incredible pool of talented engineers ensures that this iconic brand continues to remain pioneering and at the forefront of industry developments today. Caterpillar's credible CSR activities, such as its work through the Caterpillar Foundation, show that this is also not a company that treats its responsibilities lightly. In short, it is no surprise that Caterpillar continues to perform strongly in the Business Superbrands rankings and remains among the elite brand operating in the UK".

The official Top 20 Business Superbrands for 2015 are:
1. British Airways     
2. Apple                 
3. Virgin Atlantic      
4. Microsoft             
5. Visa                  
6. MasterCard 
7. Google 
8. FedEx 
9. IBM 
10. Samsung 
11. Johnson & Johnson 
12. BT 
13. Rolls-Royce Group 
14. American Express 
15. Royal Mail 
16. PayPal 
17. BP 
18. Shell 
19. Bosch  
20. Boeing

Participation in the “Altyn Sapa” republic competition 

“Borusan Makina Kazakhstan” LLP FE is a recognized leader in service provision in Kazakhstan. The desire to improve and achieve new results has always distinguished the company, as evidenced by its regular participation in regional and national competitions. Thus in autumn 2014, the company took a part in the main national contest of  thecountry - "Altyn Sapa".

In 2014, the company has already won the award in the "Best Product of Kazakhstan" regional competition, and for us it was important to prove our company also on the republican level of the "Altyn Sapa" competition. 
"Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" LLP FE gained appreciation from the President of Kazakhstan for active participation in this competition.

We are confident that in the future our company will be awarded with "Altyn Sapa"!

Material help for children from poor families (School № 56, Rabochyi village in the framework of the «Ice Bucket Challenge» world move 

In autumn 2014 «Borusan Makina Kazakhstan» LLP FE supported «Ice Bucket Challenge» world move by taking the challenge from its business partner - «Aktuybinskaya mednaya company». The team of employees douched with cold water, the video then was placed on Youtube company channel   

In the framework of  the move «Borusan Makina Kazakhstan» LLP FE supported children from poor families with an amount of 100 000 KZT (School № 56, Rabochyi village, Karaganda region). The school administration enclosed a special gratitude to the company for the help rendered!



What do you get when you set a fleet of Cat® equipment and a team of talented operators and sculptors loose in a giant sandbox? A work of art, a world record—and proof that with Cat power and precision, you can build anything you imagine.

Eurasian Congress of the construction industry
The first Eurasian Congress of the construction industry started on December the 2nd  at the Palace of Independence. The Congress was attended by over 800 delegates from Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus, as well as  representatives of the world's leading companies of Canada, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Finland and Poland. It brought together representatives of all industries - from major builders and developers to manufacturers, architects, urban planners, realtors and financiers. This is the first event which was  dedicated to the development of construction in  the country and new opportunities for growth within the Eurasian Union.

Representatives of "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" and «CATERPILLAR» companies  also took part in this important for business development event.