LLP FE "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" provides high-tech products in the field of trade and services: sale of modern machinery and equipment and after-sales service. Our company strives to maintain its market leadership in such segments as mining, construction, motor roads, agriculture, and power generation. We believe that the health and safety of employees is the most important condition for the success of the company. Policy of the company management is aimed at guaranteeing security and elimination of hazardous working conditions for the staff wherever possible.

Safety Policy of the LLP FE "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" management in the field of occupational health and safety is defined by the phrase:

Safety of our employees is first of all!

No work is so important and paramount that we would not find the time to do it in compliance with all safety requirements. LLP FE "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" constantly strives to achieve the policy objectives in the field of occupational safety and health:

  1. Observation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory and other requirements of the customer for safety, health and occupational safety;
  2. Systematization of requirements in the field of labor protection laws, regulations, orders, instructions and plans;
  3. Constant improvement of safety level when sale of vehicles, production of works, operation of official vehicles;
  4. Construction of communications elements of enterprises for execution of tasks of occupational health and safety;
  5. Comprehensive training of employees in the field of labour protection occupational safety.

Top management of LLP FE "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan" takes responsibility for the implementation of Policy in the field of occupational health and safety, also commitment to meet the requirements of the international standard OHSAS 18001.

The company's staff determines its liability based on risk assessment activity at each workplace and promotes timely notification to the management about potential hazards and prevention of possible incidents.

 General Director of LLP FE "Borusan Makina Kazakhstan"

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